I’ve been noodling a lot on the term “race.” Such a slippery word, isn’t it? It is like kryptonite for an overachieving, doer (because then I feel valuable) girl like muah. We all have a race. It’s our life, the path set before us… our dash. It starts the day we enter this world. We then spend our time on earth, navigating this roller coaster world in our earth suit, clicking through what is expected of us like a to-do list (school, college, job, married, kids…). At some point, usually in our early forties, we start to slide our foot over to the brake pedal to take a closer look at just where this dash is headed. At first, the best gauge is the rear view mirror, followed by an exam of our current situation in a full-length mirror (if we are brave enough) and then we raise our eyes up ever so slightly and an anticipation begins to settle in… there really is an end date.

I’m about 10 years ahead of my fellow forty-somethings on 2 things: the brakes were slammed on at the end of my BAGOLITAS run, so I was given an opportunity to really lean in and assess my dash in my thirties and menopause, thanks to a total hysterectomy at the age of 42. I felt dismantled and remixed… and on the other side of the “messy middle”, I can honestly say that I am so, so grateful for the reboot. There is still so much runway left in my race to be a change maker for the Kingdom – the question I have been wrestling with is how? How does God desire to use me?

I wake up every day inspired by the vision of what this world could look like if we confronted the reality that there is a time limit on our life and we focused on getting our dashes in order. Maybe, just maybe, we could change the world. I am intimately familiar with my own journey, but what I don’t know is what you are wrestling with? If I am giving away as much as I can to help you navigate your own race, I may be completely missing the mark if I don’t know what you need. So I’m including a survey [HERE] that I’d love for you to take so that I can find out more about you, your needs and your dash. We met over fabric and fringe and I am so grateful to still be connected and embarking on a new season together. Thank you for sticking with me! Let’s link arms, grab a cute handbag and see what God has in store…

The survey is only 10 questions [HERE] and everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a Custom Design Experience where you and I work together to create a one-of-a-kind BAGOLITA just for you! I’ve got to tell you that I just finished a custom order and there is no sweeter victory for this bag lady than designing a bag that feels like an extension of your heart.

Not into the bags anymore? No problem – swap out the custom bag experience for a FREE 3-session coaching package to be used by you or gifted to a friend!

Entry Details

Completed survey = 1 Entry
Sign-up for my email list (Last question on survey) = 1 Entry
Share this survey on social media using hashtag #bagolitasgiveaway = 1 Entry
Share this survey via email with friends and CC janicebaldes@gmail.com = 1 Entry/friend

Prize Details
The winner of the July 2017 Bagolitas Giveaway will be given a Custom Design Experience. We’ll plan a date for you to come to my Studio (if you are close enough) or we’ll take advantage of video technology to allow you full access to the fabric vault. Together, we’ll pair together fabrics that are so YOU and choose the perfect size for your lifestyle to turn into a one-of-a-kind, custom BAGOLITA, made just for you! Each entry will be assigned a number. The winner will be drawn via randomnumbergenerator.com at 12 pm CST on Monday, July 31st.

100’s of new fabrics are on their way from my annual trip to Anderson’s in Black Duck, MN.

Choose from original BAGOLITAS sizes or wait until Fall of 2017 for the big reveal (a new collection is in the works!) to make sure you have the perfect size and look for you!



your race

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