let’s get rolling…

Hi, guys!

Long time no blog 🤗 Adding it to the long list of “things that got off track” during the pandemic… and now it’s time to brush the dust off and declare a fresh start. But first, we need to catch up! I’ll go first and then at the end of this post is a SURVEY because I would L-O-V-E to find out how YOU have been đź‘Ź

What changed?

  • Started the pandemic with a full house and left it an empty nester
  • Started the pandemic a carnivore and came out of it a vegan (more on that later…)
  • Overhauled my Studio – can’t wait to show you a video soon, it’s supra!

What new things are you starting?

  • Working at the University of Iowa Business school (PT) doing business coaching and teaching a time management workshop
  • Flourishing Made Simple™ workshops, retreats, and small group studies for women to gather with their tribes and get after creating a life they love
  • To find my muscles… got myself a trainer to try to make sure my earthsuit gives me as many years as possible

What are you doing for fun?

  • I bought a bike last fall that sits me up like a proper lady with a seat the size of a sofa and a super cute white helmet… waiting for my bike basket/dog carrier to arrive and then I’m ready to roll!
  • Creating clubs! Fun Club, Birthday Club, Darts & Dinner Club… I missed my people!
  • Organizing… can’t get enough of simplifying, purging, and traveling lighter this next season!

What have you been listening to?

What are you jamming to?

  • Trishia Yearwood Classics (while I am driving)
  • Yiruma (because no words, while I work and I have a secret dream in my heart to learn piano and how to play River Flows in You)
  • Justin Bieber’s Justice album (when I am feeling festive and fun)

What are you reading?

What are you watching?

  • WeCrashed on Apple TV (totally hooked on all the new docuseries coming out!)
  • This is Us on NBC
  • Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix

What are you loving?

What do you want more of?

  • Intentional living… pruning wasted time and energy
  • Warm weather, less rain and more sunshine… hanging on by a super tiny thread
  • Dinners with friends around our table

What feels heavy right now?

  • Political landscape… how do we unite and move forward + the Russia-Ukraine war…
  • My relationship with church/religion, the number of people leaving, and how to move forward…
  • The mental health/trauma surge coming out of the pandemic…

What’s on the horizon?

  • My daughter moves back from college for the summer in 4 weeks… mentally preparing for the shift
  • Just about ready to launch the first Flourishing Made Simple retreat called Shepherd Your Dash. This retreat focuses on goals, habits, boundaries, energy zappers, creating systems, external clutter, rhythm, and resistance.… available virtual and in-person in May!
  • Cathartic Arting™ – a FREE monthly Zoom event to help you get in touch with your creative side with some art journaling starting in June

What are you creating?

  • New recipes from the amazing First Watch cookbook!
  • May Day baskets & Mother’s Day Cards for my peeps
  • Animal print BAGOLITAS, gift toppers, quote magnets, and plant sticks… available in May!

Final question a friend recently asked… If someone took over your life tomorrow, what is the first thing they would change?

  • They would delete the games on my iPad…

Your turn! I would seriously LOVE to hear what’s happening in your world… I’ve missed everyone! For my eyes only, here’s a link to the same questions:

P.S. Everyone who takes the SURVEY will be entered to win a $50 gift card to spend next month at my ETSY store when the new arrivals hit!