I believe that we are all here, on this earth to be a gift to the world. What I have discovered, is that there comes a point in our lives when we begin to ask ourselves, “Is this it?” It comes from a place of unrest and yearning in our spirit. We so desperately want to come alive again, to live with purpose and most of all, we want to make sure we are giving something back before we exit.

Many of us then begin a journey to try to find the answer to our something more. A select few just figure it out and go live it, but that’s not the norm. Majority of us don’t know where to begin to answer the question, “Is this it?” because this life did not come with a how to guide. So we get exhausted running down all sorts of paths looking for our pot of gold and then get stuck and settle for a fraction of what our life and joy factor could have been. Sound familiar?

This journey is my passion because I lived it and found my way through it. But it was messy and what I really needed was someone who had gone before me to help guide and affirm me. It breaks my heart to think of all of the people who settle and give up. Not only is the other side supra, but imagine what could it mean for this world if we all unleashed? That is how I knew this was my calling. If you are yearning, searching or stuck, I am so glad you are here. Please don’t give up! Let’s become eFriends and stay connected… PLUS, I have a gift I’d love to send you to mark this day!