Are you running your business or is your business running you?

How can you tell? Symptoms are as follows:

  • You’re frequently in survival mode
  • Everything is urgent
  • You’re always scrambling or late
  • You’re not managing your people well
  • Profitability isn’t where it could be
  • You feel isolated and unsupported
  • You’re sacrificing what’s most important to you
  • You don’t have time for sleep or personal self-care
  • You’re working both weekdays and weekends
  • Life circumstances that require flexibility are taking over your calendar
  • You used to have hobbies (and fun!)

I like to tell people that coaching with me is like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. As a trained professional and experienced business owner, I help entrepreneurs get organized, inspired, and equipped in their business (and life!) by:

– Providing a dependable, experienced sounding board

– Helping you figure out what you want running your business to look like

– Helping you establish the next best steps and how to get there

– Providing another set of hands for your already overflowing plate

– Developing tools and processes to support your organization’s management needs

– Weeding out inefficiencies and sources of tension

– Helping you get clear and confident on why you do what you do

– Tackling limiting beliefs that are holding you back

This is a chance to become the entrepreneur you dream of being and have a business you love. To get started, I always offer a complimentary initial consultation. From there, I’ll put together custom package options based on your specific needs, ranging from 3-12 months.

It is my greatest joy to help entrepreneurs launch, tidy up and grow their businesses. Why? So that they can experience the joy of pursuing their “what if” and the thrill of designing a business that fills their soul with EXCITEMENT & JOY and says to the world, this is SO ME!

But in order for this to unfold, the journey can be so much easier with a roadmap, wise counsel, and the experience of someone who has been in your shoes.


Little did I know that in 2005 I would make a handbag after a home project went awry and it would turn into a multi-million dollar business, selling over 100,000 handbags in just a few short years. I like to say I earned an honorary business degree from Bagolitas University – a journey that was exhilarating, a totally wild ride, my greatest joy, my greatest pain, and complete immersion of trial by fire, grit, error, and grace. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But you know what? It didn’t need to be that hard.

I looked successful from the outside but was hanging on by a thread behind the curtain.


What I needed most was a wingman that could help me build the plane, prep for take-off, and level it out for smoother travels.

In order to step into your full potential as an entrepreneur, why not partner with someone? Let’s create a space where you can get clear, gain traction, reduce fears and inefficiencies, and create strategies for moving forward. And best of all, let’s find JOY in the process!