When our thoughts and emotions start getting jumbled up and spinning around inside of our heads, one of the best ways to sort through the chaos and relieve the compression is through art journaling… finding a way to express ourselves and get words, shapes, and colors onto the paper and into the light. When we can find some clarity about what’s going on inside of us, we can see what our choices are and become the creators of our lives. This series launched in March of 2023 and will run through March of 2024. Each month, a new Art Journaling Exercise is released to subscribers of OYOLMIA!, my monthly newsletter – and it’s FREE! Head on over HERE to get signed up.

We are currently working through Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart and you can jump in at any time. For more details, download the PDF below. For each monthly guided Cathartic Arting activity – you just grab your friends and bring the supplies from the monthly list, and I’ll take care of the rest!