When you hire me to speak at your conference, retreat or event, you are hiring a passionate, funny, authentic, spirited gal pal that is devoted to loving others well through words that inspire, uplift, connect, encourage and equip. Audiences will leave with a new energy and often tools to help them roll up their sleeves and seek more from God and this life. It is my goal to send attendees with renewed hope in God and this life along with some basic action steps for moving forward.


God Given Glitter: An inspirational rally cry for us all to roll up our sleeves, unleash our God Given Glitter and be changemakers in this world!

Discover: You’ve got so much in you! Be inspired to throw away the measuring stick and to rediscover your strengths, spiritual gifts, passions, personality, values and needs. | Workshop Available

Unlock: Transformation is hard, painful work. It means letting go of all the things that keep us from fully giving God our heart. A memoir(ish) letter to my forty year old self after surveying the messy journey to free. | Workshop Available

Unleash: Stepping into what God has waiting for us takes courage. My gosh, God had Noah build an Ark… what will He ask of us? Audiences will be motivated and inspired to surrender control, get out of the boat and to tackle their fears. Audiences will learn how clarity comes from taking action, even in the smallest steps. We’ll discover that there is work to be done, even in the waiting and discerning of knowing what the great Orchestrator is up to. | Workshop Available

The Faith Journey: Sharing from spiritual formation training and a dream from God, you’ll be guided through the stages of faith and explore a new way of looking at what holds us back from growing closer to God. | Workshop Available

The Real You: Using handbags and humor, you’ll learn about the 4 basic personality types, how the purse you carry conveys each and what the good news and bad news of each is. | Workshop Available

Bagolitas Journey: The inspiring Cinderella story of following God on a journey of handbags and fringe and living a life with no regrets, no matter what the ending holds.

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