How can you tell? Symptoms are as follows:

  • You’re frequently in survival mode
  • Everything is urgent
  • You’re always scrambling or late
  • You’re not managing your people well
  • Profitability isn’t where it could be
  • You feel isolated and unsupported
  • You’re sacrificing what’s most important to you
  • You don’t have time for sleep or personal self-care
  • You’re working both weekdays and weekends
  • Life circumstances that require flexibility are taking over your calendar
  • You used to have hobbies (and fun!)

I like to tell people that coaching with me is like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. As a trained professional and experienced business owner, I help entrepreneurs get organized, inspired and equipped in their business (and life!) by:

– Providing a dependable, experienced sounding board

– Helping you figure out what you want running your business to look like

– Helping you establish next best steps and on how to get there

– Providing another set of hands for your already overflowing plate

– Developing tools and processes to support your organizations management needs

– Weeding out inefficiencies and sources of tension

– Helping you get clear and confident on why you do what you do

– Tackling limiting beliefs that are holding you back

This is a chance to become the entrepreneur you dream of being and having a business you love. To get started, I always offer a complimentary initial consultation. From there, I’ll put together custom package options based on your specific needs, ranging from 3-12 months. To find out more about coaching, check out my FAQ Page. To schedule a consultation, head over to my CONNECT page.


“Our business would never be in the place it is today without Janice’s help.  At the time we hired her as a coach we were a small business with many moving parts that needed a clear vision and “clean up” for lack of a better term, if we were going to grow. It was clear from the get-go that Janice believed in our business and was committed to making it the best it could be.  Her enthusiasm, positive energy, and creativity made the process of change pleasant and empowering. Janice displayed an uncanny ability to integrate a lot of information from multiple sources and distill it into target areas for business improvement and growth. She had a good pulse on the social dynamics at play and helped us clarify roles, identify gaps or unnecessary overlap of duties. With Janice’s coaching we achieved clarity regarding our mission, were able to articulate our vision, and learned how to create organized plans for action. Weekly meetings with her kept us motivated, focused, and on-target for meeting goals. If we lost touch with our vision or were low on energy, she brought us back to life.  With her guidance we established systems  and changed the work culture in such a way that allows our business to not only run more efficiently, but provides a more pleasant experience for staff and clients alike. As a result, we are retaining high quality staff are are growing our client base. We can’t recommend Janice enough!”

– Medical Office, North Liberty, IA