The very first Dear Janessa letter came in (see below) AND, it’s GIVEAWAY day (it’s been WAY too long) in celebration of Crimson Love launching yesterday. Woot woot!

First, the GIVEAWAY. Because it’s Friday, and I’m ignoring my to-do list and just want to play. You, too? All you have to do is leave in the comments for this post the word that YOU would most want over your heart as you take on a new day. Winner will be drawn tomorrow (12.12.15) at 10am CST and will receive the tank of their choice and a set of the guitar string cross bracelets. Now, for some Dear Janessa…

Dear Janessa,

I just got back from the arc store in Colorado. We are visiting. Why do I go to a used store to buy stuff that someone has already gotten the good out of, and expect the merchandise to perform as if it was new? Mostly I walk around and wonder why the owner did not throw it away in the first place! Perhaps I should remember that when I am collecting things to give to the used merchandise store in my area? Confused in Colorado

Dear Confused in Colorado,

You clearly have a high value on not letting “stuff” go to waste. We need more people like you in this world! Frustration enters into the picture when the stuff should have just been thrown away, instead of dangled in front of you. Knowing that you have no control over the people donating, the only thing that you can control is you and your response. In Andy Stanley’s Book, Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free From the Four Emotions That Control You, when anger enters the picture, he says that it always boils down to you didn’t get what you wanted. When you can in the moment recognize that you wanted it to still have some good use left, but it doesn’t and you are feeling frustrated (which is the predecessor to anger), you have 2 options. Let it affect your experience doing something you love (and then it clouds up your heart), OR – simply acknowledge that you wished it had been in better shape, it’s super disappointing (clearly it has been loved and used to it’s fullest – lucky for the person that had it before!) and move on to seek out the next great treasure. And hopefully the next one will fit your criteria!

P.S. Such a healthy response to reflect on your own gifting to the used merchandise store – your kindred spirits will thank you for not donating junk!

Submit you own Dear Janessa letter and I am giving away a FREE coaching session to the first 3 letters. Where are you stuck? What dream is in your heart? What are you struggling with? Just a few questions to get you started! Love you all! xo

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Another big day!

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    I love your tanks, they are so creative! The word I would most want over my heart is “courage.” I need that reminder to not take the easy road.


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