Nooks and crannies, where did you go? You were supposed to be there for me, so I could steal away to my “she cave” and sew the night away…

So in my mind, it was going to be perfect. An online store, filled with bags (some old style, some new ideas that are bouncing around in my head). There would be enclosure cards with words of inspiration to give to a friend. Gift tags galore, note cards, clip boards… Thank goodness there will be some, just not the “perfect” entrance back into ETSY that I had hoped for. Still slated for an October 22nd launch date, because it is going to be perfectly imperfect – here’s a little sneak peek of what has going down the studio!



an update from the “she cave”

One thought on “an update from the “she cave”

  • at

    Very happy to hear from you Janice !! Love your talent…. Can’t wait
    To see and learn about all the lovely pieces you have made.
    Thank you !


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